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Aged Care Cleaning

Ensuring the wellbeing of residents within Residential Aged Care Facilities is a key focus for Aged Care Providers. This has been a significant challenge over the past 2 years, putting increased pressure on staff and driving substantial costs into Aged Care Provider’s Operation’s. Furthermore, high frequency cleaning with harsh disinfectants has had an impact on your facilities accelerating the wear & tear on your furniture, fittings and fixtures.

For high performing infection control in your aged care facilities, there’s no substitute for Allied BioServices. With our aged care infection control system in your corner, it has never been easier or more efficient to protect against common colds, viruses and COVID in aged care facilities.

Allied BioServices Infection Control System delivers clinically proven benefits for your facilities

1. Reduces the rate of resident infections throughout your facilities by making all your surfaces and air conditioning filters self-disinfecting

2. Save time & money by returning to pre-COVID cleaning which in turn reduces wear & tear on your assets

3. Reduce staff sick leave

4. Reduce your waste by implementing environmentally sustainable cleaning practices

Innovative infection control in nursing homes

Since there are thousands of touchpoints across your facility that can create the perfect environment for bacteria and viruses, it’s essential to take a proactive approach against germs. Our breakthrough solution delivers effective long-lasting protection, making it the best option for prioritising resident care and guarding against a COVID crisis in your aged care home. Furthermore, a number of your residents may not be able to tell you if they are sick, making controlling outbreaks between residents and staff difficult to contain.

From the very first application Allied BioServices can help you achieve the highest levels of hygiene, protecting your residents and staff for months, not minutes.

It’s never been easier to safeguard your residents’ health. Treating handrails, air conditioning filters, common areas, elevators and more, Allied BioServices offers effective long-lasting protection throughout your facility.

While offering protection unlike anything before, the self-disinfecting coating won’t damage or corrode your furnishings. Additionally, its antimicrobial barrier can’t be removed by conventional disinfectants or cleaning, so you can enjoy continuous clinically proven protection allowing you to revert to a pre-COVID cleaning regimen.

Aged care cleaning with proven results

Take advantage of our aged care cleaning services and eliminate the risk of infection before they occur. Unlike conventional cleaning products, which require constant reapplication and only provide momentary protection, Allied BioServices’ system only needs to be applied 4 times per year to achieve 24×7 continuous protection.

The efficacy of our solution has been proven in the real-world with an extensive body of evidence both in Australia and abroad. Research published in the Clinical Infectious Diseases Journal  reported that treated hospital units experienced a 36% decline in hospital-acquired infections whilst the control group experienced no change, further cementing the effectiveness of our solution.

Enjoy next-generation infection control in your aged care facility

Any time of the year, aged care facilities can be ground zero for outbreaks of various infections, from bacterial infections, COVID, to the common cold. To maintain the strictest aged care cleaning standards, choose Allied BioServices for a thorough and complete protection. If you have any questions or to find out more about how we can help your facility, contact us and a member of our team will be happy to assist.