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Infection Control Solutions

Allied BioServices provides the world’s best infection control technologies and services to prevent avoidable infection and protect people’s health. Leveraging breakthrough technology, specialised equipment, and professional deployment services; Allied BioServices has been able to develop a comprehensive body of evidence of hygiene improvements across a wide range of environments.

Allied BioServices has a full-service offering to deliver enhanced infection control for your organisation.


SW2™ is a breakthrough antimicrobial spray that forms a long-lasting self-disinfecting protective coating that makes surfaces hostile to germs, bacteria and COVID-19 for 15 weeks.

Bactericidal Tablets

Break down bacteria that grows in healthcare drain waste systems with Allied BioServices’ bactericidal tablets (BacteriTab) to reduce the impact of healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) by attacking the biofilm that thrives in sinks and drains.

Electrostatic Sprayers

Allied BioServices offers a series of class-leading electrostatic sprayers. These patented technologies ensure maximum coverage of your disinfectants. They are reliable, easy to use, evenly coat and touchless application for high-touch surfaces.

7 Day Multi-purpose Cleaner

A breakthrough spray-and-wipe multi-purpose cleaner that will actively protect your family for 7 days. Creating a long-lasting protective coat that is highly effective against germs, bacteria, flu and COVID-19.