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Increased cleaning with a hospital-grade disinfectant doesn’t necessarily result in a safer, cleaner environment. Furthermore, it is operationally time consuming, ineffective, environmentally unfriendly and increases the risk of wear and tear on equipment, fittings and fixtures.

Allied BioServices has a substantial body of evidence across a broad range of verticals. The projects range from entire Hospitals, Commercial Offices, Fleets of Buses, Educational Facilities, Commercial Aircraft, to an entire Light Rail Network incorporating Trams, critical Operational Control Centres and Rail Depots.

Across all these diverse projects, Allied BioServices Infection Control System delivered significant hygiene improvements whilst helping clients reduce their cleaning costs by reverting to their pre-COVID cleaning protocols. Additional benefits included reductions in staff sick leave and healthcare-associated infections rates.

Delivered by Allied BioServices as a managed service, all touched surfaces and air conditioning filters within your facility will be deep cleaned and coated with SW2™, creating a continuously hygienic environment for the next 3 months. SW2™ is highly effective against a broad range of pathogens including COVID-19.

Allied BioServices has specialised services for a variety of sectors and needs:

The Application Process consists of:

1. Certified ABS Technicians undertake a thorough Deep Clean of all touched surfaces (chairs, desks, bathrooms, fittings, and fixtures, etc…) within your facility.

2. SW2™ is applied to all relevant hard and soft surfaces (and air conditioning filters, where accessible) using a specialised electrostatic sprayer that ensures optimum coverage and coating density.

3. Your facility is now protected for the next 90+ Days. Allowing you to revert to pre-COVID protocol.