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About us

We are Allied BioServices

Allied BioServices provides the world’s best infection control technologies and services to prevent avoidable infection and protect people’s health.

A commitment to excellence ensures that all Allied BioServices’ technologies and services are guaranteed to deliver proven, high-quality outcomes that are sustainable and eco-friendly.

Our technologies and services create safer spaces.

Infection Control.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver Excellence, Safety and Sustainability for our clients.


A commitment to product excellence and technology


Ensuring hygienic spaces


Deliver responsible economic and environmental outcomes

Who we are

A Biotech Services company dedicated to best in category products and services that meet the highest level of infection control standards that lasts for months not minutes.

Focused on innovation for cleaner air and safer surfaces that deliver clinically tested and proven real world results that reduce avoidable infections. Saving time, money and lives.


At Allied BioServices, a science-led approach is what underpins our work and drives us forward. From our infection control services to the products we use, we’re dedicated to excellence, integrity, and preventing avoidable infections.

No matter where you are or what you do, we’re here to create safer and healthier spaces for you to do it in through guaranteed infection control that lasts.