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UNSW School of Aviation deploys SW2™

Australian aviation school flying high – with better hygiene and no interruptions

25 August 2022 UNSW School of Aviation has successfully deployed the long-lasting disinfectant Allied BioServices’ SW2™ to improve hygiene and reduce COVID-related absenteeism and delays.

“The main attraction of SW2™ was the reduction of disruption. We’ve already avoided several shutdowns and major interruption to our normal operations just by using it,” said UNSW Aviation Director of Flying Operations Malcolm Good.

“SW2™ is now part of our overall defence against COVID and other infections. It makes our spaces safer.”
Clinically proven SW2™ works by forming a protective coating hostile to germs, bacteria and COVID that lasts for 105 days. This long-lasting effect has allowed the UNSW School of Aviation to remain open, even with reported COVID cases, and return to business as usual sooner.

UNSW School of Aviation also no longer needs to perform burdensome nightly COVID cleans, and, even with the reduction of cleaning frequency, testing shows SW2™ improved the hygiene of its spaces by 450 per cent.

With COVID related delays and work shortages besetting the aviation industry, these proven results indicate how the disinfectant could significantly improve hygiene and safety in airports with the aim to reduce illness-related work shortages.

Earlier this year, the team at Allied BioServices commenced the quarterly application of SW2™ to all surfaces within both the hangar and administration building at the Bankstown airport campus.

“The whole process was very efficient and made our lives easier by getting us back on schedule,” said Good.

Allied BioServices CEO Tim Smith commented, “In light of disruptions to the aviation industry across Australia and around the world, we are glad to provide a sustainable solution for the UNSW School of Aviation to create safer spaces.”

About Allied BioServices

Allied BioServices is an Australian company operating across Australia and New Zealand. It provides the world’s best infection control technologies and services to prevent avoidable infection and protect people’s health. Allied BioServices’ technologies and services are guaranteed to deliver proven, high-quality outcomes that are sustainable and eco-friendly. Our technologies and services create safer spaces.