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SW2™ | Guaranteed infection control that lasts

The problem? Hospitals, aged care facilities or workplaces need protection from bacteria, viruses and germs to stop the spread of infections and diseases.

The solution? SW2™

Create better, longer-lasting protection from germs, bacteria and COVID-19 with SW2™ — the antimicrobial spray that forms a long-lasting protective self-disinfecting coating that makes surfaces hostile to germs, bacteria and COVID-19.

SW2™ remains highly effective for 15 weeks even with regular cleaning which was verified by the Therapeutic Goods Administration to be effective on surfaces for 105 days. No other technology in Australia can make this claim.

Protection that lasts for months, not minutes

Unlike traditional ‘spray and wipe away’ disinfectants, SW2™ delivers and continuously protects surfaces, including air conditioning filters, with just four applications a year.

In most cases disinfectants are sprayed on surfaces then wiped away within seconds. This makes the surface look clean, but the disinfecting process requires a lot more time to eliminate germs.

Most disinfectants don’t act fast. In reality, to be effective a traditional ‘spray and wipe away’ disinfectant needs to be left wet on a surface for up to five to ten minutes in order to achieve a 99.9%+ (3 log) reduction of germs.

Traditional disinfectants stop killing germs when it has dried, so even with high-frequency cleaning it provides only momentary protection until the next time someone re-contaminates the surface by touching, coughing or sneezing on it.

Proven results

SW2™ is clinically tested and real-world proven.

In a public transport efficacy study, the interiors and air conditioning filters on low-floor buses were coated with a single application of SW2™. The bus operator reverted to normal (pre-COVID) cleaning protocols during the trial. After 90 days they achieved an 11-fold improvement to hygiene compared to buses still receiving high frequency COVID cleaning.

Allied BioServices have undertaken long-lasting efficacy studies of SW2™ within a chain of 24-hour gyms, hospitals and commercial offices, which all delivered similar long-lasting results.

When lab tested in the harshest conditions, SW2™ outperforms all expectations. Following 1,620 simulated cleaning cycles, equivalent to over 90 days on high touch surfaces such as handrails, SW2™ was still delivering a 99.9% (3 log) reduction of bacteria and COVID.

Researchers at the University of Arizona, under the oversight of world leading microbiologist Dr Gerba, repeatedly applied COVID and bacteria to surfaces coated with SW2™ to demonstrate that it reduces viable viral and bacterial levels by more than 99.9% (3 log) even after multiple contaminations.

SW2™ is also the only long-acting antimicrobial coating that has had its real-world efficacy peer-reviewed in multiple infectious diseases medical journals. Findings on the efficacy of the product have been published in the American Journal of Infection Control and Oxford University’s Clinical Infection Diseases Journal, which is one of the most heavily cited journals in the field of infectious diseases.

Find out more about how it works.

Choose a better infection control system.

Unlike regular cleaning, which requires daily or even hourly wiping of surfaces to be effective, SW2™ is always fighting for you. Through a specialised preparation and application process, SW2™ bonds to your desks, door handles, handrails, patient beds, walls and even mobile tablet devices and equipment to form an always-on enhanced layer of protection. As soon as a surface is re-contaminated, SW2™ immediately starts killing germs, bacteria and COVID-19. This protective coating is continuously delivering a 99.9% (3 log) reduction, 24 hours a day.

In shared spaces where many people interact and frequently come into contact with the same surfaces, SW2™ has been proven to cut the rate of healthcare acquired infections (HAIs) and cross-contamination that spreads disease.

With SW2™, you can safeguard surfaces, devices and air conditioning systems against the spread of harmful pathogens.

SW2™ is safe to use on almost any material. The coating is noncorrosive and maintains its protective qualities long after application. The formula is non-toxic, won’t release any harsh chemical fumes and is odourless, making it safer than using traditional disinfectants.

Safeguarding the future of work

SW2™ increases the capacity of organisations.

A safer and more hygienic workplace leads to reduced sick leave, increased employee productivity and healthier staff.

Allied BioServices has been able to deliver reductions greater than 10% in staff sick leave following the application of our guaranteed infection control solutions.

SW2™ is ideal for hospitals, medical facilities, office spaces, warehouses, restaurants, commercial kitchens, public transport, gyms and aged care.

Create safer spaces through science-backed solutions

SW2™ antimicrobial spray is the more effective way to create safer work, research and treatment spaces for organisations. It’s the best way to protect employees, clients, patients and customers from a variety of infections including, COVID, influenza and HAIs. Contact us today to find out more about guaranteed infection control that lasts.


It is a long-lasting, non-toxic coating disinfectant that makes surfaces hostile to germs, bacteria and COVID-19. SW2™ creates a protective coating that provides continuous protection over 15 weeks in real-world conditions.
Yes. SW2™ is listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. The TGA has verified SW2’s long-lasting residual efficacy claims.
It forms a protective coating to provide residual efficacy on surfaces to reduce germs.
Allied BioServices recommends that a thorough Deep Clean of all surfaces to be coated be undertaken using the StepOne disinfecting pre-cleaner, then apply SW2™ using an electrostatic sprayer that ensures optimum coverage and coating density. The SW2™ application process can be delivered as a managed service by certified ABS Technicians.
As a general rule, SW2™ works continuously over 90+ days and therefore should be reapplied once every three months. 
Suitable for many industries, including healthcare, aged care, day care, public transit, cruise lines, airlines, tourism, government, military, gyms and commercial offices.
SW2™ is a hospital-grade disinfectant and has passed TGA testing against a broad range of germs including COVID-19. SW2™ has been successfully tested against multiple variants of SARS-CoV-2.
Yes. SW2™ is non-corrosive and does not leave a solid residue. It is safe to use on common soft and hard, non-porous and porous surfaces such as sealed fiberglass, stainless steel and chrome, multiple types of plastic, rubber, vinyl, painted metals, baked enamel, glazed tile, ceramic & porcelain, porcelain enamel and laminated surfaces. SW2™ is also safe for use on glass and mirrors, however, as it is a polymer coating it can cause some slight fogging.
Yes, even though SW2™ is non-toxic we recommend wearing PPE. The recommended wearing protective eyewear, long sleeves, long pants, chemical resistant gloves and N-95 or KN-95 respirators while handling. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling.