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Public Transport Cleaning

Passenger confidence in the hygiene levels across public transport is critical in getting patronage back to pre-COVID levels. Achieving this is important as higher Public Transport patronage makes communities more liveable, supports local businesses and drives economic growth.

At Allied BioServices, we have put years of research and dedication into developing a long-lasting infection control and cleaning system that outperforms the competition. Utilising the latest infection control technologies, SW2™ forms a self-disinfecting barrier across all applied surfaces that has been proven to last in Australian studies for 90+ Days from a single application. Thanks to this breakthrough protective shield, there’s no better option for protecting the travelling public and drivers and reducing the risk of infection. Making surfaces biological clean, rather than merely visually clean.

Allied BioServices’ Public Transport infection control solution delivers improved hygiene outcomes, reduced wear & tear on your vehicles and is significantly cheaper than high frequency manual cleaning.

Proven Hygiene Outcomes for Transport Operators

In an Australian study, the interior, driver’s compartment, and air conditioning filters of 39 Low-Floor Buses were deep cleaned and coated with a single application of SW2™ by Allied BioServices’ Technicians. The Bus Operator then reverted to pre-COVID cleaning protocols, reducing their cleaning frequency from 66 cleans per bus per month back to just weekly cleans.

Over the next 3 months, more than 200 sample data points were taken to assess the long-lasting efficacy of SW2™ in real-world conditions and compared (the “control” site) to a depot in the same region where the buses were not treated with SW2™ but maintained their high frequency cleaning regime. All samples were processed by an independent NATA accredited (TGA Approved) lab.

Despite being cleaned 186 times less over the 90 Day study period, the buses coated with SW2™ were 11-fold more hygienic compared to buses that were being cleaned twice per day. Furthermore, unlike with a traditional hard surface clean, SW2™ was also applied to fabric seats and the air conditioning filters delivering enhanced infection control for passengers and the driver.

Importantly, this enhanced hygiene outcome can be delivered to Public Transport Operators at a 50% to 70% financial saving compared to ineffective high frequency manual cleaning.

Allied BioServices — helping Public Transport Operators be more efficient

At Allied BioServices, we understand the importance of procuring the best cleaning services on the market. That’s why our mission has always been to discover new and innovative ways to create eco-friendly, innovative infection control and cleaning solutions that are scientifically proven to work — whether for bus, tram or train. We continually aim to evolve our offering to focus on enabling environmentally and financial sustainable infection control solutions.

If you have any questions regarding our service offering or research that guarantees infection control outcomes, contact us today and speak to one of our experts.