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Office Cleaning

Whether you’re dealing with the common cold or COVID-19, running an efficient and functional workplace in a post-COVID world can present a number of challenges. With an established reputation for mitigating infection control, Allied BioServices deploys the latest technologies for deep, effective office cleaning, eliminating viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens for months at a time. It is estimated that sick staff coming into the office costs Australian business over $34 Billion per annum in lost productivity.

Safeguarding your workplace and team

With staff gradually returning to offices and workplaces, taking a proactive approach to infection control is the best strategy to maintain the safety of your team, clients and stakeholders as well as meet occupational health and safety compliance rules. By using Allied BioServices’ SW2™ treatment for your workplace, you’ll reduce the incidence of illnesses caused by surface contamination and keep sick leave to a minimum.

If you have been wondering how to disinfect your office space to the highest possible standard, our SW2™ long-lasting disinfectant is the best option for you. Like any matter of health and safety — prevention is critical. Our invisible, long-lasting coating creates a hostile environment for pathogens, bacteria, viruses, and COVID-19 and maintains a continuously disinfected office space. SW2™ is self-disinfecting and delivers protection that lasts for a minimum of 3 months after a single application.

From air conditioning filters to desks, elevator rails, technology devices and other high-traffic touchpoints, Allied BioServices’ SW2™ infection control system delivers the highest standard of continuous office protection across the vast majority of your surfaces, including:

With a high-performance formula that can tackle and eliminate sources of infection, SW2™ is a non-toxic Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) listed hospital-grade disinfectant so you can rest assured it is safe for your staff. SW2™ is free from harsh chemical fumes, and its non-corrosive formula won’t damage or tarnish your furnishings and surfaces.

COVID-proof your workplace

No matter what the nature of your company or clinic, professional deep cleaning for COVID has been a necessary part of keeping businesses open. However, a deep clean only provides momentary protection — the second someone coughs, touches or sneezes, the surfaces are re-contaminated. With the addition of a long-lasting antimicrobial disinfectant SW2™, our COVID cleaning services continue to work long after the initial application. Learn more about SW2™ here.

Book your COVID deep cleaning service in today

Whether your staff have returned to the workplace or you’re instituting a hybrid model, your team’s safety is paramount. With a single application of SW2™, you can virtually eliminate viruses, bacteria, COVID-19 and other pathogens that put your staff at risk.

Take advantage of our specialised infection control office cleaning services and enjoy long-lasting protection against COVID-19 and other pathogens. As soon as a contamination event occurs, SW2™ immediately begins killing germs, bacteria, and COVID-19. After a single application, this comprehensive protective shield lasts 90+ days — giving you greater peace of mind.

With the most thorough cleaning your office has ever seen, you can decrease rates of illness and absenteeism in the office, as well as the opportunity losses associated with reduced staffing levels. Choose SW2™ and ensure your business remains operational at both the best and worst of times.

For reliable and efficient office protection, there’s no better choice than Allied BioServices. This breakthrough technology, SW2™, is always working hard to keep your workspace COVID-free, so staff members feel safe to return to the office. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, and a member of our team will be happy to assist.