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COVID-19 cleaning service

Enhanced hygiene levels are more essential than ever before to avoid infections spread by contaminated surfaces and allow you to do business as usual.

When it comes to infection control and deep cleaning services, you need a provider you can rely on. With Allied BioServices, you can be rest assured knowing that your organisation is in good hands.

Whether you manage a hospital, a clinic, an office space, warehouse, restaurant, retail space, aged-care facility or a gym, Allied BioServices provides the world’s best infection control technologies and services to prevent avoidable infection and protect people’s health. Our comprehensive deep cleaning service for COVID contaminants and other pathogens will keep your workplace safe for all employees and clients.

Allied BioServices has got you covered across Australia with a dedicated team offering COVID cleaning services in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and other major cities.

Innovation sets Allied BioServices COVID cleaning services apart

What makes Allied BioServices the best choice for COVID cleaning is that we take an innovative, science-led approach to everything we do. This ensures that your facility remains cleaned and sanitised for the long-term.

The key to Allied BioServices’ superior COVID cleaning services is that, after deep cleaning, our technicians apply SW2™ to all surfaces to keep your surfaces protected for the next three months.

SW2™ is a long-lasting antimicrobial coating that forms a protective barrier on hard and soft surfaces, which makes them hostile to germs, bacteria and COVID-19 for 15 weeks (105 days). This means that you can go back to normal (pre-COVID) cleaning practices and provide your employees and clients a safer space whilst saving your organisation time and money.

Choose a high-performing, long-lasting deep cleaning service that will give you enhanced protection from COVID-19, bacteria and pathogens for months.

SW2™ is suitable to use on most common surfaces:

Don’t just deep clean. COVID-proof your place of work

No matter what the nature of your company or clinic, professional deep cleaning for COVID has been a necessary part of keeping businesses open. However, a deep clean only provides momentary protection — the second someone coughs, touches or sneezes, the surfaces are re-contaminated. With the addition of a long-lasting antimicrobial disinfectant SW2™, our COVID cleaning services continue to work long after the initial application. Learn more about SW2™ here .

Book your COVID deep cleaning service in today

Wherever you are around Australia, Allied BioServices’ COVID cleaning service can help make your space safer for longer. Whether you work in healthcare, a commercial building, retail or any other industry, our team is here to help you secure your workplace.

Contact us  today to find out how we can help you transform your workplace with a better approach to COVID cleaning.


When used properly, disinfectant wipes can be effective at removing the presence of COVID, but they are not 100% reliable because wipes rely on manually wiping every square inch of the surface, and the surface needs to remain wet for an extended period of time to enable the disinfectant to work.

Wipes only provide momentary protection, as they stop disinfecting the second the surface is dry. Spaces then require frequent cleaning to maintain a hygienic surface. When relying on wipes alone there is still an increased risk of infections acquired through surface contact. There is also a significant environmental impact, as billions of non-biodegradable wipes go into Australian landfills every year.

Meanwhile, Allied BioServices’ COVID deep cleaning service delivers not just clean surfaces in your workplace but through the specialised application of SW2™ surfaces are protected for the next 15 weeks. SW2™ will continue working to keep you, your employees, patients, clients and customers safe.

SafeWork Australia’s national guide to COVID safe workplaces includes clear health advice about how to reduce the risk of COVID spread from a person, directly or indirectly, and from contaminated surfaces including:

  • ensuring people with symptoms of COVID do not come to work
  • engaging in routine cleaning and disinfection of surfaces
  • practising good personal hygiene (including handwashing)
  • screening workers
  • maintaining physical distancing
  • providing personal protective equipment (PPE) where appropriate, and contact tracing.

Regular cleaning and disinfection of surfaces is only as effective as the product and processes that you are using. Traditional disinfectants, even when used properly, only provide momentary protection at the time of disinfection. This means surfaces are re-contaminated the moment someone coughs, touches or sneezes.

Long-lasting SW2™ is hostile to germs and so allows you to revert to normal (pre-COVID) cleaning protocols.

No, SW2™ isn’t impacted by traditional disinfectants and regular cleaning. It has been specifically formulated to be a hard-wearing polymer coating that forms a protective barrier that bonds invisibly to hard and soft surfaces and provides enhanced protection for your business.