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Organisational Safety

How organisations can keep employees safe while cutting cleaning costs

The challenge for organisations

Amid the pandemic, there has come a pivotal decision-making point around cleaning practices that many organisations need to address.

Changing processes in organisations can be challenging. It will, however, be necessary to rethink how organisations keep spaces hygienic into the future. This is made particularly pertinent considering 82% of staff are now concerned about workplace infections.

Traditional ‘spray and wipe away’ disinfectants require as much as 10 minutes of soaking time to be effective, yet they rarely get more than a few seconds on a surface before being wiped away.

While many proactive organisations have significantly increased the frequency of cleaning to try to create safer environments for staff and clients due to COVID, this cost is a burden on businesses and is not an efficient nor effective ongoing solution.

The hygiene solution

SW2™ is a long-lasting TGA-listed disinfectant exclusively distributed by Allied BioServices that creates more hygienic spaces. When applied, SW2™ forms a protective coating that is hostile to germs, bacteria and COVID and can last for 105 days (15 weeks). SW2™ can be used on all surfaces, including air conditioning filters.

SW2™ has been shown to provide a continually clean surface, killing 99.9% of germs every two hours. This is like doing constant deep cleans without lifting a finger.

With a single application SW2™ can help organisations to return to normal (pre-COVID) cleaning protocols. SW2™ has delivered proven results in hospitals, buses and office buildings, and our Australian clients have seen a more than 10-fold improvement in hygiene.

Switching to long-lasting infection control provides tangible benefits to organisational sustainability.

SW2™ is not only more effective than other disinfecting methods but switching to SW2™ reduces thousands of litres of disinfectant entering the environment and millions of non-biodegradable wipes going into landfill. This enables organisations to reduce cleaning costs while improving workplace safety and delivering on sustainability targets.

Staff coming to work unwell cost Australia businesses $34 billion per year. Employees who are protected from avoidable infections take less sick leave and so increase the capacity of an organisation.

In a COVID conscious climate it is imperative to deliver on occupational health and safety infection control outcomes. Additionally, providing proven protection to COVID in workspaces can also reduce the risk of workplace claims, which are set to rise this year.

After SW2™ has been applied, organisations can promote their enhanced protection with signs placed in the treated area featuring a QR Code linking to information about the treatment used to make the space safer, which provides peace of mind for employees, patients, customers and clients.

As maintaining hygienic spaces will remain a relevant concern moving forward, it is paramount for organisations to re-evaluate their cleaning practices.