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Long-lasting infection control solution now available in Australia

SW2™ Secures TGA listing for use against infectious diseases including COVID-19.

February 2021, Allied BioServices has today announced the launch of SW2™ in Australia. This first-to-market product is a Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) listed, hospital-grade disinfectant with antiviral properties developed to provide always-on antimicrobial protection against 99.9% of germs, bacteria and COVID-19. One application makes surfaces hostile to germs for up to three months.

Each year in Australia, up to 180,000 patients suffer healthcare associated infections (HAIs) that
prolong hospital stay and occupy two million hospital beds. It is estimated up to 70% of HAIs are preventable.

SW2™ has been scientifically proven to protect surfaces against of germs (and is highly effective against Coronavirus) for up to three months, in a real-world environment, which has been independently verified, peer-reviewed and published in top Medical Journals.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has listed SW2™ for use against COVID-19, germs and bacteria.

Dr. Charles Gerba, an internationally recognised microbiologist and professor of Environmental Microbiology states: “SW2 is the next generation of infection control. Our generation spends more time indoors. We have larger schools, bigger buildings, we travel further and push more buttons than any other generation in history. This means that our generation creates the perfect storm for pandemics, and we will see more pandemics in the future. We have had one plague after another over the last 20 years including HIV to Zika, Ebola, SARS, MERS, Swine flu and bird flu. Viruses evolve rapidly which is why we need to control the infection by making surfaces hostile to germs including the common cold and gastroenteritis.”

According to research undertaken by Dr. Gerba:

  • The germiest place in your office is your phone followed by your desktop, laptop or tablet.
  • Counter tops in shared break rooms where food is made is another germ hotspot.
  • The ground floor lift button is one of the leading exchange points for germs.
  • Bathrooms are not as bad as we think as most people only go twice per day and they wash their hands.
  • Our hands are the greatest spreader as we sneeze and then touch surfaces and our face.
  • Adults touch their face 16-24 time per hour. Young children touch their faces as often as 40-50 time per hour.

SW2™ is a non-toxic coating that can be sprayed onto a variety of surfaces to provide always-on protection. SW2™ technology differs in that it is highly residual after a single coating. Traditional cleaning products such as disinfectants are momentary solutions – surfaces become immediately re-contaminated as soon as someone touches, coughs or sneezes on that surface

Allied BioServices is an Australian company with exclusive rights to deliver Allied BioScience’s SW2™ in Australia and New Zealand. The Australian operations of Allied BioServices is being spearheaded by Tim Smith, CEO and Dan Ode, Chief Executive Channels.

Tim Smith says, “SW2™ is the only solution to have been tested in real-world scenarios – not just in a lab; that has been independently reviewed and published in multiple leading medical journals. We are excited to be able to bring this protection to Australians.

SW2 should be deployed in the places and spaces where people are at most risk of catching infectious diseases such as hospitals, aged care, public transport, aviation, fitness centres, commercial buildings and Government facilities.”

SW2™ has already been piloted with Anytime Fitness resulting in a 90%+ reduction in germs over a 3-month period compared to pre-application testing.

Allied BioServices works closely with organisations to deploy an infection control solution where a deep clean will be undertaken, which is then followed by a specialised application of SW2™ for maximum protection of surfaces.

Additional information relating to infections in Australia:

  • Each year in Australia, up to 180,000 patients suffer healthcare associated infections (HAIs) that
    prolong hospital stay and occupy two million hospital beds. It is estimated up to 70% of HAIs are preventable
  • People are six times more likely to get the flu on public transport vs travelling in a private car
  • Recent tests by Allied BioServices has uncovered that compared to a Sydney public toilet, the levels of germs are: 
    • Six times higher on public transport
    • 15 times higher in gyms
  • Workers showing up unwell, known as sick presenteeism, costs the Australian economy an estimated $34 billion every year and has been identified as one of the causes for the spread of the flu virus
  • The newest measures in Victoria’s harsh coronavirus restrictions will cost close to $10 billion to the nation’s economy. The unemployment rate is also forecast to peak at close to 10 per cent
  • Most household disinfectants require ten minutes of application to achieve effectiveness against germs

About Allied BioServices

Allied BioServices is an Australian company operating across Australia and New Zealand. It provides the world’s best infection control technologies and services to prevent avoidable infection and protect people’s health. Allied BioServices’ technologies and services are guaranteed to deliver proven, high-quality outcomes that are sustainable and eco-friendly. Our technologies and services create safer spaces.