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7 Day Multi-purpose Cleaner

A breakthrough spray-and-wipe multi-purpose cleaner that will actively protect your family for 7 days and does not wipe away when regularly touched or cleaned. Creating a long-lasting protective coat that is highly effective against germs, bacteria, flu and COVID-19.

Providing protection that lasts between cleans

Designed for Easy Application

Throw away your standard disinfectants that only provides you momentary protection and replace it with a breakthrough 7 day disinfectant. Then just use it during your weekly clean. It works like a one-step cleaner & disinfectant, just spray and walk away – the big difference is that it keeps working even after it dries, forming a protective coating that makes surfaces self-disinfecting for the next week.

Safer for the Environment & Safer for you

The non-toxic formulation means that you aren’t exposing your family to any nasty chemicals.

The antimicrobial technology protect a large variety of surfaces from a wide range of germs including COVID and Influenza. While developed for use on high-touch surfaces like door handles, bathroom seats, and counter tops, it also protects hard to clean surfaces like curtains, fabrics and carpets. All without leaving any sticky residue.

Suitable for use on almost any materials, including;

The formula doesn’t release any harsh chemical fumes and is odourless, making it safe and easy to use. The coating is noncorrosive and maintains its protective qualities long after application.

Create safer spaces through science-backed solutions

Unlike regular cleaning, which requires daily or even hourly wiping of surfaces to be effective, our products are always working for you – continuously killing germs and viruses on the coated surfaces. This antimicrobial spray is the most effective way to create safer spaces for your home or business. It’s the best way to protect your family, employees, clients, patients and customers from COVID-19 , flu and other nasties. Contact us today to find out more or Pre-Order this breakthrough infection control solutions… that lasts.

How it works

A long-lasting protective coating that is highly effective against a broad spectrum of pathogens including COVID-19. When you spray the product billions of spikes bond to the surface to form a protective coating that creates an environment that is inhospitable to germs that doesn’t wipe away for 7 days. It is highly effective when initially applied and continues to work when it dries.

By contrast, traditional disinfectants typically need to be left wet on a surface for 5-10 minutes to be effective and stop working as soon as they dry only providing momentary protection – meaning the surfaces are re-contaminated the second someone coughs, touches it or sneezes.